B. What words in the story on page 16 mean the opposite of: Nasty,1.Nasty-nice,bad-good,sad-happy,little-big,after-before,young-old,far from-near.
1. nasty 4. young 7. far from 
2. bad 3. after 
3. sad 6. little

C. Write this story. Put one of these words in each empty place:
do does doing make makes making
Our children don’t . . . much homework, but they . . . a lot of work in
school. My son George likes . . . furniture and things like that more than . .
. lessons. He sometimes . . . nice chairs out of old boxes in his class. He
and his friends . . . a lot of noise while they are working, of course.
George is good at sport: he . . . the high jump very well. Such sport . . .
children a lot of good, I think. Don’t you?

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