A. Answer these questions.

  1. Why did Mrs. Brown want to send her daughter to school? Mrs. Brown want to send her daughter to school because she wanted to start working in an office again.
  2. What did Mrs. Brown do to make Betty like school? Mrs. Brown told Betty that school is a very nice place where you play games,paint pictures and sing songs.
  3. Why was Mrs. Brown afraid? Mrs. Brown was afraid because Betty was always near her and she didnt know whether she will stay alone at school.
  4. Did Betty like school when she went there? Betty liked the school, she was happy and didn`t cry.
  5. Why was Betty surprised when her mother said, ‘I’m going to
    take you to school in half an hour’s time on the second morning?
    Betty was surprised because she thought that going to school is just for a one day.

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