December 20-24. Lesson 1, Lesson 2.

Lesson 1

Read the dialogue on page 36/English in mind

Hometask:8/b,page 36,9/d,page 37

Lesson 2

Check your progress

8/b,page 36,

Read the story again. Match the beginnings and endings. 

1 Jo is in a half-marathon race.

2 The four friends want to go and watch the race.

3 They think the race starts at 11 o’clock. 

4 They ask a woman for directions to Gordon park.

5 When they get to the park, the race is finished.

6 Jo is very happy to see the four friends.

d.Complete the dialogues with the expressions from Exercise 9a. 

1 A: I love The Flaming Lips — they’re great!

B: Really ?1 don’t like them at all! 

2 A: I’ve got a DVD of a great film. Let’s watch it. 

B: Well actually, I’m very tired. Can we watch it tomorrow? 

3. A Paula-who’s that boy over there? Let’s go and ask his name! A Where’s the park? 4. B I don’t know that’s the park over therel Look! I think

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