February 7_11. Lesson 1.

Lesson 1

Different cultures,different pets/English in mind ,page 44/to read and translate the unknown words

Hometask:answer the questiona on page 45

Write a short essay»What pets are popular in your country?»

Read the text again and listen. Answer the questions. 

1 What type of bird does the text mention? 


2 What are the four most popular pets in the world? 


3 Where have people got crickets as pets? 

In China and Japan

4 Where have people got baby seals as pets? 

The Inuits of northern Canada keep bear cubs, foxes and baby seals.

5 Do hissing cockroaches bite? 


6 What have kangaroos and sugar gliders both got?

»What pets are popular in your country?»

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