B. Which words in the story on page 40 mean:almost-nearly sad-sorry stopped living-died, not forget-remember, hard-easy

C. Write this story. Put one word in each empty place. You will find allthe correct words in the story on page 40.Mr. and Mrs. Yates lived together for 52 years, and then she became very ill. After a month she died, and Mr. Yates was alone. It was difficult for him to live in a big house without anybody else, so he married again. His new wife was much younger than he was, and she liked travelling to foreign countries, so they began to go to Africa every year, in the winter. Mrs. Yates had a younger daughter, and she usually went with them too. Everybody thought, ‘Those girls are that old man’s daughters.’ One day in Kenya a man said to him, ‘Do you remember me? I was your neighbour in Southampton.’ Mr. Yates did not answer for a few seconds, because he was old. Then he said, ‘Oh, yes! That’s right! I married your daughter, didn’t I?’

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