Karate and hendball

Karate [1] (the spelling of karate [2] is also common, more accurately reflecting the Russian pronunciation [3]; Japanese 空手道 karate-do: “the way of an empty hand” or 空手 karate [ka’ɽate] “empty hand”) is a Japanese martial art, defense and attack system. In 2020 — an Olympic sport[4], in 2024 karate will not be presented in the program of the Olympic Games[5].

At the initial stage, karate was a system of hand-to-hand combat, intended only for self-defense. Today, karate has gained great fame thanks to the demonstration performances demonstrating tameshiwari. So, very experienced craftsmen can split a block of ice with their fist, smash a 15 cm thick pine wood beam into chips with a kick of their foot, break stacks of roofing tiles with their elbow or head [6] (nevertheless, breaking objects demonstrates only physical strength and is not an indicator of skill) . Unlike other martial arts in Japan (jiu-jitsu, judo), which involve wrestling, holding various kinds of throws, holding grips and choking techniques, in karate the degree of direct contact between the participants in the fight is minimal, and precisely aimed powerful punches and punches are used to crush the enemy. feet, inflicted on the vital points of his body[6][7].

Sports competitions are held according to two karate programs: kumite (free sparring) and kata (a formalized sequence of movements related to the principles of waging a duel with an imaginary opponent)[8].

Handball is a team sport that (primarily [ 2 ] [ a ] ) is played between two seven-man teams (1 goalkeeper and 6 outfielders) indoors, and to a lesser extent outdoors, and involves recording the ball in the opposing team’s goal. A handball match is 2 x 30 minutes for seniors, while for juniors it is 2 x 25 minutes.

Handball is included in the Olympic program , for men since 1972 (also included in 1936 ) and for women since 1976 . The World Cup in handball was played for the first time in 1938 for men and 1957 for women and is played (since 1993) every two years.

Handball can also be played at the national level, at that level there are both amateur teams and professional teams. The teams play in different series depending on geographical affiliation and qualifications.

Beach handball is a relatively new form of handball that has become popular in recent years. It is played on sand but the principle of the game is the same except that you usually play with fewer players on the field. You are then a maximum of 4 players on the field (3 outfielders and 1 goalkeeper). The floor is usually smaller than a regular indoor floor.

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